Hey guys! I hope you are dropping by for some garden chat, because that’s what this site is all about: growing your own food.

All beginners, self-proclaimed “black thumbs” and those trying to jump back in after a long break are welcome! My first time growing zucchini I got ONE, despite all the articles I read that said I would have so much I would need to give it away to neighbors. I get it! I’ve been there, trust me!

I’m here to show you, step-by-step, how to grow your own food. After time spent in my own garden, leading school garden clubs, and volunteering at farms, I have had my share of both failures and successes. It’s my goal to provide you with information to help you avoid the mistakes I have encountered along the way and ENJOY the experience.


I’m Kara, and after my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer 14 years ago (she is a survivor!), I dove in deeper to learn all I could about nutrition. Since then, I have read countless books, watched numerous documentaries and listened to various podcasts on improving my own health. After all my research, I’m here to tell you, ALL roads lead to growing my own food.

At age 30, I set a goal that by age 35 I would be growing the majority of my family’s produce. I decided to make it a five year goal because I knew it would take time, and I didn’t want to rush it.

Along the way, I am setting short-term goals that help me reach the bigger picture goal of growing the majority of my family’s produce.  For example, this year, I am focusing on creating a more efficient composting system, reading up on the best ways to conserve water, including rainwater harvesting systems, and I’m growing more vegetables that offer high amounts of protein. These three short-term goals are all helping me climb closer to my long-term goal of growing the majority of my family’s produce.

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I am SO glad you are here. Thanks so much for following along. I hope you will share your garden goals with me and let me know how everything is growing!