All About Seeds

The joy of watching a seed sprout and grow into a mature plant is one of the first experiences that really hooked me and made me fall in love with gardening. It’s such a fun experience for kids and adults alike!

Purchasing Seeds

When to buy seeds and when to buy transplants

There are times when buying seeds is the best option and other times when buying transplants might just make more sense. It depends on your timing, what you want to grow, and sometimes your future gardening plans. It does not, however, depend on your experience or current gardening knowledge. Seeds can be a great option for newbies and experienced gardeners alike.

The best seed companies

There are almost as many seed companies as there are seeds. It can be difficult to know which are best, and it often depends on your needs. I’ve listed my favorite companies, what makes each unique and what I love about them.

How to read a seed packet

Have you ever really looked at a seed packet? It is chock-full of information that can help guide you as a gardener, but it can also be overwhelming. Learn what all the information means and how you can use it to help you have a successful growing season.

Starting Seeds

When to plant seeds

Determine the best time to plant your seeds in order to take full advantage of the growing season.

The best seeds to plant with kids

Scroll down to step 7 to learn the biggest seeds for little hands and the fastest maturing plants to keep kids’ interest in the garden.

Expand your growing season by starting seeds indoors

Whether you have bitter cold winters or hot, hot summers, starting seeds indoors can allow you to get a jump-start on gardening when the elements outside aren’t desirable. Additionally, learn which seeds like to be started indoors and which prefer to be planted where they will remain for their entire life cycle.

The world of seeds is pretty amazing, and there is always more to learn. I hope these articles help you grow your knowledge and grow more food!