All About Soil

You know the saying, “If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a thousand times.” This is going to be true for you about soil being the most important aspect of gardening. As you garden, you will hear about focusing on soil over and over again, and that’s because it’s so important!

Enrich Your Soil

How to have the best gardening yields

There’s more than just soil to think about when you are starting and maintaining your garden. This article walks you through how to enrich your soil, so it can best feed your plants and you!


The easy way to start a compost pile

This is especially great if you are super busy or perhaps…just a smidge lazy. Composting is one of those gardening tasks that you can adjust to fit into your lifestyle. Find out about a few of the options and the easiest way to get going!


The importance of mulch in the garden

I used to think mulch was just for looks, but it actually serves way more than one purpose in your garden. Additionally, it will keep working for you long after you lay it down.

Invest the time now to enrich your soil and you will see the benefits in your produce!