McKinney, Texas: Pure Land Organic Farm

Recently, after reading about Pure Land Organic Farm in Edible DFW, I started volunteering there on Mondays and Fridays to help harvest produce.

My drive to the farm included  a large, dirt, country road, and everywhere I looked was picturesque and lovely.

Opening Through the Trees to Open Field

After arriving at the farm, I met Megan, the farmer, and started harvesting tomatoes with another volunteer. Arranged in long rows, like you see below, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, okra, basil, melons and rows upon rows of blackberries beckoned.

Vegetable Fields at Pure Land Organic Farm

Megan and her dad added several rows of blackberries after experiencing success growing them the year before. The rows of blackberries slope down to an open field and a pond which they pump water out of to irrigate the crops.

Blackberries in the field at Pure Land Organic Farm

They are hoping to host weddings in this space in the future which will be absolutely gorgeous. The bride would, ideally, walk down between the rows of crops and the blackberries would be closest to the guest seating providing a beautiful (and tasty) backdrop.

Blackberry Harvest at Pure Land Organic Farm

I spent most of my time at the farm harvesting produce that Megan sells to local restaurants and at farmers’ markets.

Tomato Harvest at Pure Land Organic Farm

While harvesting, I often ran into interesting insects. I saw orb weaver spiders and bumblebees (as opposed to honey bees) for the first time while volunteering at Pure Land Organic.

Bumblebee on Flower at Pure Land Organic Farm

At first, it was hard to get up at 6 a.m. on summer days that were meant for sleeping in, but after going a few times I was more eager to jump out of bed!

Pure Land Organic is a beautiful, organic farm with dedicated, passionate farmers! I am so grateful for my experience volunteering and for the produce I got to take home each time!

Vegetable Fields at Pure Land Organic Farm

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