The Best Seed Companies

I have purchased seeds from all of these companies and love them all. Each company offers something unique, so look around and decide which ones meet your gardening needs.

Open Purple Hull Pinkeye Cowpea Pod

High Mowing Seeds

All organic AND free shipping. Need I say more?

Johnny’s Selected Seeds

I especially like Johnny’s because of the information they provide regarding improving soil health with cover crops. When I started researching cover crops I was a bit overwhelmed, but this site helped me better understand what was best for me and my garden. You can search for Green Manure, Erosion Control, Nitrogen Fixers and so much more!

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

This website is gorgeous. If you are someone who loves to browse or wander around garden stores, this is like the ultimate online store for garden browsing. It has tons of really unique heirloom vegetables and fruits with stories about where the seeds originated. This is probably my favorite seed catalog to receive in the mail as well. Go check it out and you will see what I mean!

Wild Garden Seed

I learned about this company when touring the Culinary Gardener’s garden in Asheville, NC. Their lettuce selection is AWESOME. It is my favorite site for unique greens.


Botanical Interests

I am more likely to purchase these seeds in the store because the seed packets are so lovely. My favorite packets from this company include flowers and their collections, such as Bee Happy Seed Collection and Basic Bounty Veggie Garden Seed Collection. They have great flower mixes as well. We have purchased their Bring Home the Butterflies and Save the Bees seed packets.

Seeds of Change

Seeds of Change is 100% organic. You don’t have to double check each plant is organic because all of the seeds on their site are certified organic – easy shopping!

Sustainable Seed Company

What I love about this company is that I can search ‘Texas’ on their site and find seeds specifically recommended for my climate. This isn’t an option for every state, so you will have to check for yours. Additionally, there is almost always a great tip or growing reminder on the seed page.

Zucchini Flowers

These are my favorites, at least for now. Share your favorite seed company and why you love them below!

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