The Best Gardening Tools

The following recommendations are great for any type of gardener – the brand new or uber experienced. Most of these are tools I have and use on a weekly, if not daily, basis. If I don’t personally own the item, it is something I recommend after researching the best options.

The Essential Tools for Every Gardener

3-Pack of Garden Gloves

I’m a big believer in having more than one pair of gardening gloves. There have been several times when I have taken out a plant that is sick with powdery mildew and then switched gloves to ensure I don’t spread the disease to my healthy plants. Having a pack of three ensures you always have a clean pair. My sister gave me this same set for Christmas a few years ago, and I love it! They are soft to the touch and easy to throw in the wash, too.

Pruning Shears

Every gardener needs a set of pruning shears they love. I added these to my Christmas wishlist this past year because of the loads of positive reviews. So far, I adore them. The handle is soft, so I haven’t experienced blisters from gripping them for extended periods of time like I have with other pairs. They cut nice and clean, and the slider for keeping them closed while in storage is super hardy (others break quickly in my experience).

Shovels and Trowel Set

I have had this set for years now, and all three are with me in the garden when I am digging up old plants, planting fresh new ones, feeding the soil or adding amendments that need to be mixed in with the soil. I love all three of them (and their cushy handles) and think this is a great deal for the set!

Tools for Managing Garden Pests and Critters

Garden Fabric or Tulle

Save yourself the agony of picking off cabbage worms if you are growing Brassicas and cover those plants! Check out the difference it made for me in my October garden tour. I can honestly say I don’t think we would have had any fall or winter greens if it weren’t for the tulle I used to cover the plants.

Tall Garden Fabric Support Frame

These hoops will help keep the garden fabric, or tulle, off of your crops. While you can lay garden fabric, or tulle, right on top of your plants, the hoops make it a lot easier to manage without harming the crops as they grow taller and taller. I used rebar and PVC pipe to create the hoops I use in my garden beds, but this is a faster, easier option.

Bug Blaster

A hard spray of water is one of an organic gardener’s best tools to fight off pests. I use this Bug Blaster for that purpose, and it has worked great so far! Aphids, a super common garden pest, are tiny bugs that are typically found in clusters. They can be tedious to pick off by hand which is why this tool comes in handy each season.

Harvest Tools

Kitchen Scissors

I take kitchen scissors instead of pruning shears out to the garden with me to harvest our breakfast, lunch or dinner 8 times out of 10. The pair I have came with a holder that has a magnet so it hangs on the side of our refrigerator, making it super easy to grab before heading out to the garden. It’s easy to take them to and from the kitchen with me and just wash them along with the dishes as opposed to heading to the garage where I keep my pruning shears. These kitchen scissors are the harvesting tool that I use daily!

Salad Spinner

I couldn’t find my exact model, but I’m pretty sure this is the newest version of what I own. I’ve had mine for years and often use it as a harvest basket because I can easily take it inside, wash the produce and spin it dry. It’s excellent for washing greens as well as most herbs. It’s even great for the veggies I don’t spin because it makes rinsing and draining the water so easy. You can also toss it in the fridge with your greens and it will keep them fresh.

The Composting Gardener’s Tool

OXO Pop Container

My husband and I have tried all sorts of different containers for saving our kitchen scraps in the refrigerator before taking them out to compost. This one is BY FAR our favorite! We like it way better than the containers that advertise as being great for composting materials. It stays sealed well, uses the vertical space in the fridge nicely and keeps the vegetables fresh and stink-free as long as we empty it (about) once a week in the compost bin. We have said to each other multiple times how glad we are that we purchased it. If you are composting or know someone who wants to start, this is a must in my book!

The Gardener and Chef

Stone Earth Pan

We use this pan to cook or reheat breakfast, lunch and dinner almost every single day. We have given it as gifts and recommended it over and over again. Go get it!

Food Processor

In the summer, when your basil is going crazy, you will be SO thankful you have this for quick and easy pesto. I was using my blender before we decided to purchase this one during a deal day, and the blender just wasn’t making the cut. My freezer is half full of pesto (only slightly kidding) and this food processor saved me about half the time (not kidding) because it holds so much at once. It has been the biggest time saver overall – chopping up cauliflower to make into “rice”, shredding cheese, making all kinds of salsas and sauces. If you are busy and you like to cook, it’s a must-have kitchen tool.


If you have a feeling that this gardening gig is here to stay, it’s worth it to invest in some tools to make things easier/more enjoyable. And if you’re already in deep and looking to extend your growing season, head here to learn all about the gear you need to start seeds indoors and grow more food!

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