Should You Really Spend Your Time Weeding?

Dandelion Flower

You guys, I know most of us have a negative connotation with weeds. We think weeds are a pain to have in our yards, flower beds, gardens, etc. There are several products on the market to help people rid their yards of weeds. People spend entire days outside weeding. All of these reasons and more led to my surprised reaction when I found out that weeds, at times, are actually helping us out. What? I know. Read on.

How Weeds Can Be Helpful

Often times, weeds are present in our yards because something is lacking in our soils. Take dandelions, for example. It is one of the most common weeds in North Texas. However, no matter where you live, you have probably heard of and seen a dandelion. You may even helped spread its seeds after making a wish as a kid.

So why else are they in your yard other than allowing little munchkins to spread the seeds by blowing them around? Well, dandelions have deep taproots which make them harder to get rid of, but the deep roots are also doing a job for us.

Should You Really Spend Your Time Weeding?

The dandelion’s taproot aerates the soil. This is great news for me because I have clay soil that is super compact. In other words, the dandelion is actually working for me to improve my soil. Who doesn’t love free labor? How about free food? Click here to learn all about the nutritional benefits of dandelion greens. You can also eat the flowers or use them to make tea.

I completely understand wanting to control what you are growing. I definitely pull out weeds from time to time in my garden.  However, I also think about why that weed is there and what it is telling me about my growing space. Sometimes I even consider letting it help me instead of fighting it.

Next time, instead of pulling out all the weeds, consider letting them help you instead of fighting them. 


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