Improve Your Health by Growing Your Own Herbs

“We can never have enough of nature.” -Henry David Thoreau

Salad Burnet in Raised Garden Bed

I love the quote above by Henry! More specifically for me right now, I can’t have enough herbs.

I’ve been trying to eat them with every meal lately, and I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of the fresh taste.

The only thing I think I’ll have to change is how much I’m growing. I had to buy a mint transplant the other day because I’ve nearly pinched off every mint leaf we have on our current spearmint plant.

So, why am I wanting to eat and grow so many herbs? Well, the benefits seem to be endless.

Basil Leaves on Plant in the Garden

You should grow your own because herbs are…

  • typically…delicious!
  • usually very expensive in the stores (and I’ve found that I have to buy them in larger quantities than the recipe I am using calls for)
  • are resilient growers in the garden
  • most, not all, are perennials so they don’t need to be replanted each year 
  • digestive aids
  • used for cooking, making tea, oils, homemade beauty products…the list goes on and on
  • a boost to your immune system
  • free preventive medicine

For benefits of a few more specific herbs, check out Wellness Mama’s guide. Want some more info? Listen to the Healing with Herbs: The Wisdom of Ancient Remedies podcast with the author of The Herbal Kitchen .

Oregano Multiplying After a Few Seasons

If you can’t wait for your seeds to sprout or prefer to purchase some of these beneficial items, here is an excellent source for buying essential oils, herbs in bulk, body care products and more : Mountain Rose Herbs.

Lemon Balm in the Garden


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