Gardening for Beginners

Are you a total newbie to gardening? Congrats! You are going to LOVE it! I became hooked as soon as my first seeds sprouted. To get yourself off to the best start possible, start with this guide that will help you think through everything.

Now, let’s ensure you have all the other tools you need.

Don’t get overwhelmed!

If you’ve done any research already, you know that it can get overwhelming fast. There is SO much to learn. While this is one of my favorite parts about gardening, it can be discouraging at first, so let’s equip you with the right tools to avoid the overwhelm.

Learn gardening vocabulary

Learn what thinning, bolting, broadcasting, root-bound and so many other terms mean so you can get the most of what you are reading and learning as you go. Don’t miss the free, printable PDF you can put on your refrigerator, use as a bookmark in your favorite garden book or however else you’d like!

Top 8 most common gardening questions

Avoid mistakes by learning from others who made them when they first started out – myself included. Luckily, we all learned our lessons, and now we are sharing them with you so you can experience more success!

Gather the Right Materials

Wear and purchase the right gear

Have you ever gotten a new workout outfit or running shoes and it made you want to hit the gym or set an early alarm to go for a run because you couldn’t wait to wear it? These gardening essentials will do the same for you in the garden. This list also includes the tools that will help you manage garden pests, harvest your produce, use your produce in the kitchen and even set up a compost system.

Find a great seed company

There are almost as many seed companies as there are seeds. It can be difficult to know which is best, and it depends of your needs. I listed my favorite companies, what makes each unique and what I love about them.

Learn how to read a seed packet

Seed packets are chock full of information and can be a bit overwhelming – that or you might end up missing out on loads of information because you just don’t know it’s there. Learn how to read seed packets in order to select the best seeds for your garden and set yourself up for success!

Determine if you should buy seeds or transplants

Don’t think that because you are a newbie, you need to buy transplants. Yes, there are cases in which it can makes sense, but being new to gardening isn’t necessarily a good reason. Growing from seed creates a different kind of pride as you watch the seeds sprout and grow to mature plants. Find out which option is best for you based on timing and specific plants.

Set a Strong Foundation

Focus on your garden’s soil

Every gardener you meet will tell you the same thing: the soil is the most important aspect of gardening. Take the time now to focus on this area and you will reap the rewards.

The importance of mulch in gardening

Learn the numerous benefits of adding mulch to your plants and help set yourself up for future successes by continuously improving your soil.

Learn the best tips for watering your garden

Find out the best time of day to water, how to determine how long you should water, how to water your garden while on vacation and so much more!

Grow Food

Learn which plants grow at different times of the year

Some plants can’t take the heat while others thrive during high temperatures. In the same regard, some plants can tolerate the bitter cold while others prefer temperatures above 50°F. Learn what grows during spring, summer, fall and winter.

Learn when to plant seeds

Determine the best time to plant your seeds in order to take full advantage of the growing season.

Determine if you have enough time left this season to grow the crops you want

Calculate whether or not you have enough growing days left in your season to grow the crops you want this season or if it would be best to wait and be prepared next season.

Grow the best tomatoes

Let’s face it, most newbies start off gardening by growing tomatoes. “There’s nothing better than a vine-ripened tomato,” is a pretty common saying, and one you’ve probably heard a time or two. When I first started, I had no idea how much there was to learn about tomatoes – like the difference between determinate and indeterminate. I’ve explained the difference and shared my favorite tips for newbies, so you can be the one to start saying, “There’s nothing better than a vine-ripened tomato.”

Keep Learning

Gardening Resources

This list includes my favorite books, websites, magazines, YouTube channels and shows about gardening. The amount of information available can be overwhelming, so I’ve listed the resources that I trust the most and have learned the most from over time.

Volunteer at a farm

Along with most people, I learn best from experience, which is why I highly recommend volunteering at a farm. Find out all the benefits that can come from volunteering as well as how to find a farm that you want to help out!

Have Your Kids Join in on the Fun

Learn how to involve your kids in starting a garden

Learn all the steps to starting your first garden with kid-focused tasks so your little ones can help out with each step!

Keep your sanity (and your plants safe) while gardening with kids

Before you dive in head first with your littles by your side, read these tips to help you maintain your growing space and keep your sanity in the garden.

Aren’t sure you are going to love gardening? Here are five ways you can benefit from growing your own food as well as reasons to stop telling yourself you can’t do it – you can!

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