Top 5 Reasons to Start a Garden

Are you on the fence about starting your first garden? I can help!

Reasons to Start a Garden

In my opinion, the reasons are endless. I have fallen in love with gardening, and I want you to as well. Here are the top five reasons I love gardening and why YOU should start today!

Frosted Collard Greens

Improve Your Health by Growing Your Own Food

Did you know that there are several certified organic chemicals that farmers use on certified organic produce? I was surprised when I found out, too. Even more so when I found that these sprays (or powders or balms) are usually used more often conventional sprays because they have less strength. Of course, I can’t speak for every farmer. That’s why doing your research is so important. Better yet, grow your own food and know exactly what is and isn’t being used on your homegrown produce.

Additionally, there are numerous studies showing that gardening reduces stress as well as anxiety and depression. It’s one of the reasons that horticultural therapy is becoming more common.

Learn Where Your Food Comes From Through Gardening

I’m going to be completely honest here at the risk of sounding like a total city girl. Before I started growing my own food, I didn’t know much about it. I didn’t know potatoes grew underground with lots of foliage on top, I certainly wouldn’t have been able to identify one herb from another, I didn’t realize that the flower turned into the fruit on many edible plants and I had no idea how many different parts of plants are actually edible. Since I started growing my own food, I have learned that we can eat so much more than what we see on grocery store shelves. Things like:

  • sweet potato greens
  • Brussel sprout leaves
  • broccoli, kale and arugula flowers
  • dandelion greens

The list goes on and on. And I know I will never stop learning. There is always something new to grow or a different variety to try! Want to take a peek at some fun varieties you might not have heard of? Head here to see some unique seeds to purchase.

Arugula Flowers

Increase Your Time Outside by Gardening

Once you start gardening and experience some success, I’m guessing you are going to get hooked. When this happens, you will most likely want to check your garden daily. There are some seasons where I check the garden multiple times a day.

You will want to check on pests, water your plants, harvest, prune, weed and just enjoy the space. Naturally, you will end of spending more of your time outside.

How Gardening Can Heal You

Whether you just had a long day, are heartbroken or feel overly stressed, the garden can offer you some peace. There have been numerous days that I have walked out to the garden, started weeding and easily let thirty minutes pass. At the end, I realized my mind is calmer. It’s like a form of meditation for me, and I’ve heard so many other gardeners say the same is true for them.

Carrot, Peas, Bok Choy, Spinach and Broccoli Flower Harvest on Cutting Board

How Growing Your Own Food Can Save You Money

We sliced our grocery bill in half! Once we started really getting into gardening, we saw our grocery bill slowly start decreasing. Over time, on average, we had cut it in half. It may not be your first year, but eventually, once your soil is healthy, you will increase your yields.

In the end, if this is your reason for growing, check out the prices at your grocery store and grow the highest priced produce that you typically eat. For example, bell peppers are very pricey where I live, so we grow a few plants and freeze what we won’t eat within a few days of harvest.

Reasons You Think You Shouldn’t Garden (Even Though You Really Should)

How Can I Fit In Time to Garden?

Too busy? I get it! When I first started gardening, I was too busy to devote much time to it and didn’t experience much success. Now that I’m on the other side of it, I can offer you the tips that have allowed me to grow food while working full-time, going on long weekend getaways and taking summer vacations. Here are my top two tips that allow anyone to garden despite a busy schedule.

How Can Someone With a “Black Thumb” Grow Their Own Food?

Have you killed a plant or two in the past? Welcome to the club! I think every gardener has at one point. It’s a learning experience, and you will learn the most from mistakes made. Start here and read through each step to ensure more success with your future gardening adventures!

Potato Flowers


There are numerous reasons to grow your own food. If you want to, you CAN do it! Want more reasons to get out there? Head here to read some stats on the numerous benefits.

Now, head over to this three part series that teaches you everything a beginner needs to know about gardening. Then, start enjoying all the benefits as you eagerly wait for your produce to be ready to harvest!

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