Meet Inspiring Growers

If you enjoy learning about other gardeners, this is the page for you! I hope these interviews inspire you to grow your own food, grow more of it, and show you that anyone can do it.

This series highlights people from all walks of life. Each interviewee is unique and offers advice in various areas.

Learn how this mom juggles parenthood and gardening while encouraging her kids to get their hands in the dirt, too. 

This interview features Angela Judd, a sweet-spirited mom of five – yes FIVE! – who grows her family’s food (including loads of delicious fruit).

Learn how this couple gardens and raises animals on ⅛ acre.

Husband and wife team, Amie and Josh, garden and raise chickens, ducks, rabbits, goats and two dogs on ⅛ acre in an urban setting.

Learn how this mom of two leads a simple life, homesteading in the mountains on 12 acres.

Lisa Coffee is also the owner of Little Meadow Studio where she sells gorgeous harvest baskets.

Learn how this teacher uses gardening in her lessons.

In Sophia McGuirl’s interview you will learn about her favorite gardening resource and how she combines her passion for teaching with her love of growing food.

Learn how this woman has reconnected with her heritage through gardening.

Find out how Ozlem Andogan Gulhan grows her own food in her urban backyard, learn her top tips for beginners and get her recipe for pepper paste!

Learn this farmer’s favorite tomato varieties for drying, canning and eating fresh off the vine!

Meet Lisa Troutner of Carmel Bella Farm and learn all about her favorite coffee roaster, tomatoes, way to stake tomatoes and so much more! This interview is sure to inspire you to grow your own food!

Learn how this student grows food for her family and raises animals while earning her master’s degree.

Learn how 23 year old Isolde Mattart saves goats, dogs, chickens and more while growing food and bringing her grandmother harvest baskets.

Learn how a biologist grows flowers and food in deer country.

Learn how Misti Little, a biologist, has transformed her 1.2 acres into growing space for flowers and food!

Learn how this mom grew enough food to share with a soup kitchen, all while working and earning her PhD!

Learn how this mom grows food for her family and a local soup kitchen while also working and earning her PhD. Wow!

Learn the best tip for boosting overall garden production from this farmer’s wife.

In this grower interview you will find out all about this tomato guru, The Farmer’s Wife! You don’t want to miss it!

Learn how this mom of three juggles raising chickens, bees, dogs, a cat and three children while growing her own food.

Learn gardening tips and tricks from Mia Cover, including what she wishes she knew before getting started with beekeeping.